The energy and excitement couples feel on their wedding day can make it pass by in a blur. The job of our photographers is to catch all those moments you missed or were too overjoyed to notice.

With the latest high-definition cameras and lighting equipment, every image we take is alive with color and emotion, revealing the laughter of friends and family, the energetic bursts of movement on the dance floor, and those special moments of intimacy between the happy newlyweds.

From that first kiss to that last dance, even if you forget we’ll help you remember.


So, just how do we make your special day extraordinary? By giving couples everything they could want, starting with an expert photographer who shows up early and tastefully chronicles the bride and groom getting prepared. Then, over the course of 6 to 8 hours we capture your wedding ceremony and reception in stunning detail, making sure to record every precious, unforgettable moment



Photos of the Groom and the Bride Getting Ready


One Photographer Up to 8 hours

150 Pictures

Delivered on a USB Stick

Online Gallery

150 Guests Maximum


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Ceremony + Reception Photography

Photos of the Groom and the Bride Getting Ready

Cocktail Hour Photography of the Guests

2 Photographers for 6-8 hours

250 Pictures

Delivered on a USB Stick

Online Gallery

Unlimited Guests

Drone Photography

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TruHitz Entertainment offers an incredibly personalized package for all your wedding photography needs. We have the talent, technology and professionalism to not only make your wedding day memorable, but simply unforgettable


We specialize in Portraits,Wedding photography, Corporate, Family , Model shoots , Fashion and  Product shoots. often traveling to your destination to capture the perfect moment in the perfect place.


Children grow up fast. Why not keep those precious years alive while you still can?

TruHitz Entertainment specializes in photographing educational milestones, including prom, graduation, athletic competitions, sporting victories, and college marketing.

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If you are looking for the best modeling portfolio packages for professional models and aspiring models our prices vary depending on the package and a number of looks, models are looking for. Whether you are looking to start a modeling career, update your portfolio or revamp your current modeling portfolio, we offer a variety of packages that will fit your needs and budget. Do you think you have the talent and potential to be a top model or, would you like to experience a high fashion shoot? Book one of our modeling portfolio packages and you’ll be on the right path to make it big in the world of modeling.


Launching a new product or celebrating the end of a successful year with a party? We understand the importance of both PR and a job well done, so whether it’s a promotion, retirement, trade show, grand opening, holiday, or year-end award show, TruHitz has the business sense and professionalism to commemorate your special event with elegance and style.

Our gifted photographer combines a friendly attitude and tactful camerawork, capturing every detail worth remembering over the course of 3 hours.


Portrait sessions are approached in a very relaxed, fun and informal atmosphere, allowing you to have a great time, whilst the real you shines through in your photos.


We know your products are great. Let’s make sure they look that way too. With our product Photography Packages, you’ll Sell your product without saying a single word. Stop looking like an amateur with unprofessional photography. High quality product photography builds credibility and trust.


Family photography portraits capture a moment in time alongside those you care for most. They are treasured memories, placed on a wall or a mantle of a specific time and place. We capture that unforgettable moment.